If you have been following our Blog, you will have noticed that we have embarked on a journey with an Australian school, where we host "Flat Rosie' for a period of time. Please read Rosie's Blog of her adventures around the world, you will find that she has entries from here too!

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This is the concluding Skype Chat between the 2 classes on 5/11/12.

Flat Rosie is a paper friend, who has travelled around the world together with her koala bear companion and a book about Australia and an "I Wonder" book of questions about South Africa, which our Grade 2's will answer. Flat Rosie arrived on Friday last week, and spent her first weekend with her Grade 2 friend. Today, the class has been busy learning about Australia, colouring in pictures about it and watching some wonderful You Tube clips on Ralph Harris' Australian songs, which of course, if you remember them, were a lot of fun!
We answer Grade 2T's Questions about us and our country!

Enjoy some photo's here of her adventures with her Grade 2 friends!

Rosie meets Mrs O, our Principal, and Koala is given a new friend, and SA Bokkie!

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Rosie donates some food for the needy!

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Rosie visits the Tsitsikamma elephants.

FlatRosie (15).JPG
Rosie enjoys the lovely view!

Rosie keeping us company!

Fun at a birthday party!

Rosie goes camping!
IMG_4243 - Copy.jpg
Rosie rides a scooter!
Chilling in front of the TV!

Rosie's playtime with Rachel!